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Syndicated loan: Kuzbassrazrezugol, B, 3.2007 (2,672 mln)

Loan information

LoanKuzbassrazrezugol, B, 3.2007
Type of placementSyndication
AmountRUB 2,672,000,000
Calculated USD EquivalentUSD 102,688,660
Signing dateMarch 2007
Maturity date***
Mandated lead arrangers (MLAs)***
Purpose of loanRefinancing
Purpose of loanRefinancing local debts
Type of loanTerm loan
Investment banks***

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Syndicated loans

Loans Volume, mln Status
Kuzbassrazrezugol, B, 3.2007 2,672 RUB Redeemed
Kuzbassrazrezugol, A, 3.2007 2,680 RUB Redeemed
UMMG, 10.2021 15,000 RUB Granted
UMMG, 06.2021 15,000 RUB Granted
Uralelektromed, 01.2021 6,000 RUB Granted
Siberia-Polymetall, 12.2020 17,600 RUB Granted
UMMG, 12.2019 200 EUR Granted
UMMG, 10.2018 100 EUR Granted
CHELYABINSK ZINC PLANT, 2, 4.2006 70 USD Redeemed
CHELYABINSK ZINC PLANT, 1, 4.2006 69 USD Redeemed


List of affiliated companiesCHELYABINSK ZINC PLANT
Koltso Urala
Bogoslovsk Ore Administration
Sredneuralsky copper plant
Uchaly MMC
Holding Cable Alliance
Gaysky GOK
Malyshevskoe rudoupravlenie
Kirovskij zavod po obrabotke tsvetnykh metallov
Revdinskij kirpichnyj zavod
Revdinskij zavod OCM
NPF UGMK-Perspective (JSC)
NPF UGMK-Perspective (JSC) (reserves)
KHodyko Igor Ivanovich
Shreider Alexey Vasilievich
Tretii Kod
Haldivor Finance Limited
Nokomis Select Inc.
Full issuer nameKuzbassrazrezugol Coal Company
Country of registrationRussia
Other issues of the issuer (including issues by affiliated companies )Kuzbassrazrezugol, 9% 12jul2010, USD
Kuzbassrazrezugol, 9% 13jul2007, USD
Koltso Urala, 01
Uralelektromed, 01
Issuer profileThe company is the largest producer of high quality coal by surface method.
The joint-stock company incorporates 27 enterprises representing a specialized industrial technological complex. The...
IndustryCoal Mining
Issuer ratings:
Rating AgencyRatingRating scaleDate
Moody's Investors Service *** LT- foreign currency ***
Moody's Investors Service *** LT- local currency ***
Moody's Interfax Rating Agency *** National Scale (Russia) ***
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