Syndicated loan: Nibulon, B, 08.2015 (90 mln)

Loan information

LoanNibulon, B, 08.2015
Type of placementSyndication
Main creditNibulon, A, 08.2015
AmountUSD 90,000,000
Signing dateAugust 2015
Maturity date***
Mandated lead arrangers (MLAs)***
Other members of the syndicateBNP Paribas, ING, Rabobank
Purpose of loantrade/pre-export financing
Purpose of loansecure the company’s seasonal needs for working capital to carry out trade transactions
Loan with participation of international organizationYes
Type of loanTerm loan
Investment banks***

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Syndicated loans

Loans Volume, mln Status
Nibulon, 2, 08.2016 25 USD Granted
Nibulon, 1, 08.2016 75 USD Granted
Nibulon, B, 08.2015 90 USD Granted
Nibulon, A, 08.2015 45 USD Granted
Nibulon, B, 08.2014 100 USD Redeemed
Nibulon, A, 08.2014 30 USD Redeemed
Nibulon, Б, 12.2012 95 USD Redeemed
Nibulon, А, 12.2012 30 USD Redeemed