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Syndicated loan: Sberbank Europe AG, 03.2014 (350 mln)

Loan information

LoanSberbank Europe AG, 03.2014
Type of placementSyndication
AmountEUR 350,000,000
Calculated USD EquivalentUSD 482,195,000
Signing dateMarch 2014
Maturity date***
Mandated lead arrangers (MLAs)***
Other members of the syndicateBNP Paribas, Société Generale, Crédit Suisse AG, Deutsche Bank Luxembourg S.A., Sberbank of Russia, UBS Limited
Purpose of loanGeneral corporate purposes
Purpose of loanSupport the strategic development of Sberbank Europe in Central and Eastern Europe
Type of loanTerm loan
Collateral and guaranteesThe loan is unsecured
Investment banks***

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Syndicated loans

Loans Volume, mln Status
Sberbank Europe AG, 03.2014 350 EUR Redeemed
Sberbank, 12.2016 135 EUR Granted
DenizBank, 11.2013 1,000 USD Redeemed
Sberbank, 06.2013 300 USD Redeemed
Sberbank, 10.2012 1,500 USD Redeemed
Sberbank, 11.2011 1,200 USD Redeemed
Sberbank, 06.2011 650 USD Redeemed
Sberbank, 12.2010 2,000 USD Redeemed
Sberbank, 10.2008 1,200 USD Redeemed
Sberbank CIB, 7.2008 130 USD Redeemed


IssuerSberbank Europe AG
List of affiliated companiesSberbank
Sberbank of Russia (Kazakhstan)
Sberbank (Ukraine)
VS Bank
Sberbank CIB
Sberbank Capital
Sberbank Asset Management
sberbank saintpetersburg
sberbank sverdlovsk
Strategy Partners
sberbank stavropol
sberbank altaikrai
sberbank vladimir
sberbank buryatia
sberbank perm
sberbank samara
sberbank moscowoblast
sberbank rostov
sberbank krasnoyarsk
sberbank tyumen
sberbank voronezh
sberbank novosibirsk
Sberbank Leasing
SB Capital S.A.
Sberbank's Non-Governmental Pension Fund
sberbank khabarovsk
sberbank yaroslavl
sberbank finans
sberleasing ukraine
Sberbank Insurance
SB Securities S.A.
sberbank fa
Sberbank Corporate University
Deniz Leasing
Sberbank CZ
Sberbank Slovensko
Mortgage Agent SB-2014
Sberbank (Switzerland) AG
Sberbank's insurance broker
Retirement savings
Full issuer nameSberbank Europe AG
RegionWestern Europe
Country of registrationAustria
Other issues of the issuer (including issues by affiliated companies )Sberbank, 001P-06R
Sberbank, BSO-NTXS_PRT_ANN-36m-001P-07R
Deniz Leasing, 0% 20jul2018, TRY (91D)
Deniz Leasing, 0% 5oct2018, TRY (168D)
Sberbank, BSO-SBER_PRT-42m-001P-05R
Issuer ratings:
Rating AgencyRatingRating scaleDate
S&P Global Ratings *** Foreign Currency LT ***
Fitch Ratings *** LT Int. Scale (foreign curr.) ***
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